Pioneer Life Tours

Our most popular tour is the Pioneer Life Tour for children. Aimed at 4th graders, teachers of kindergarten through 8th grade students tell us their students love it, learn from it, and remember it for years! The PLT begins with an introduction to the history of the farm and the safety rules for students. After that, groups of about ten are sent to their stations and rotate around the farm to enjoy all the activities.

The PLT is $7.00 per student and $5.00 per adult April through August. September and October tours are $6.00 for students, $5.00 for adults. School staff is free.

The ideal size for this tour is 30-80 students, but we can accommodate more (or less) if you contact us soon enough. All scheduled tours require a deposit.

Want to schedule a tour? Visit our Calendar to choose potential dates.

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